R & D
Z.MAX furniture adheres to the enterprise spirit of "excellent design · classic unforgettable" and has been effectively implemented in production. Z.MAX furniture has established and implemented a sustainable production management system according to ISO 9001:2015. With industry-leading production and manufacturing power, Z.MAX furniture accurately and timely meets customers' order needs and provides customers with high-quality products.
Quality System
From the perspective of user value, Z.MAX furniture closely focuses on the three essential user demands of comfort, safety and beauty, follows ergonomics and EN1335 standard; Abide by the principle of no plagiarism and no over design; With the attitude of pursing perfection, with the most appropriate and environment friendly material and good cost, seriously build each chair, strive to create value for customers and increase users’ happiness. They have unique Z.MAX furniture characteristics and reflect the essence of our brand.
Quality System
Z.MAX furniture, with extremely serious quality awareness of all employees, accurately understands customer needs, with advance hardware facilities, rigorous quality control and tandardized production and inspection processes, complies with multiple international production and manufacturing standards, continues to provide customers with reliable products and services.
Z.MAX Furniture meets the following certification standards